AV Pumps

AV pumps are axial flow vertical pumps, having the advantages of small space requirements at the pumping stationand the ability to start automatically or manually without any suction problem ΑVS pumps are being manufactured with standard interchangeable parts construction. They can be delivered with the discharge outlet above or below the base plate level or in 2 floor arrangement and with various types of lubrication for the shaft and the pump bearings


Flood Control
Pollution Control
Drainage Ρumping
Water Treating Ρlants Irrigation,
Sump Ρumping
Dewatering River and Lake Ρumping

Product Features

Space Saving : Vertical arrangements saves valuable floor space.
Self Priming:Submerged impellers allow pump to be started without priming. Low initial and operating cost.
Low Operating Cost : High efficiency pump design, high reliability, result in lower operating cost.
Long Life-Low Maintenance : Flanged Bowls and column pipes for easier assembly–disassembly, perfect alignment

Hydraulic Data

Capacity up to 25000 m3/ h
Head up to 10 m

Technical Characteristics

Impellers:Impeller Hub in Cast Iron or Bronze or Stainless Steel
Bronze or Stainless Steel vanes
Shaft stainless steel AISI 420
Bearing base in modular iron
Oil , greaseor water lubrication
Closedtypeoropen type shaft installation
Special sealing device against shaft abrasion
Separate impeller surrounding ring

Materials of Construction

Casted Parts: Cast Iron, Bronze Alloys, Stainless Steel, Duplex & Super Duplex Stainless Steel
Fabricated Parts : Steel , stainles steel , Duplex & Super Duplex stainless steel

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