NA Pumps

AGeneral features 

  • Heavy construction
  • Casing of the volute type fitted with easily renewable casing wearing rings
  • Suction volute design with vertically arranged radial discharge branch
  • Sealing with packed gland up to 110°C or mechanical seal  up to 140°C
  • Easyremovablewithoutdisconnecting suction or delivery pipe work(back-pull-out system )
  •  Horizontal  arrangement
  • Closed or open impeller dynamically balanced acc to ISO 1940 class G 6.3
  • Heavy duty oil ball bearings in  overhung housing flanged to pump casing


  • Water Supply
  •  Industry
  •  Agricultural
  •  Public purposes
  •  Irrigation and drainage
  •  Booster Stations
  • Water process
  • Circulation
  • Marine– Special construction
  • Sea water
  • Drinking water
  • Condensate

CHydraulic Data

  • Capacity up to2000 m3/h
  • Total head up to 130 m
  • Temperature  - 30 οC to +140 οC
  •  Pressure up to 16 bar

DTechnical notes

  • Electric motors used for NA units are acc to ENIEC,  3 Phs , asynchronous , insulation class F,IP55,frequency 50Hz , voltage 400V also available with 60Ηz / 440 V
  • Na units can be delivered with VFDs (INVERTER)


Single Stage Pumps - Projects



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