LDP-X Pumps

A. General Characteristics

  • Single stage end suction centrifugal pump oversized
  • Volute type casing with easily renewable wear rings
  • Impeller dynamically balanced according to ISO 1940 class 6.3
  • Axial suction and radial discharge.
  • Packedglandfortemperaturesupto 110 οC (standard arrangement)
  • Mechanical seal for temperatures up to 140 οC
  • Complete bearing assembly including impeller and shaft seal which can be dismantled without removing the volute casing from the pipe system (back-pull-out)
  • Suction and dicharge flanges 10/16 bars, according to DIN2501, EN 1092-2

B. Applications

  • Water supply
  • Industrial
  • Irrigaion
  • cold / hot water
  • Oils
  • Cooling
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Marinespecial Construction

C. Hydraylic Data

  • Capacity up to 1500 m3/h
  • Head up to 150 m
  • Temperature up to 110ο C with packing gland and up to 140ο C mechanical seal
  • Working pressure up to 16 bar

D. Technical Notes

  • Electric motor used at units are asynchronous, F insulation Class, enclosure IP55, B3 mounting, 50Hz, 400V
  • Units can be delivered with special electric motors uppon request such as IP56 etc.
  • Units can be deliverd with VFD system

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Single Stage Pumps - Projects



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