CVP-NA Concrete volute pumps

A. Features and benefits

Concrete volute casing and suction bell
Corrosion and erosion resistance
Pull out assembly with guide vanes
High flow rates
Low wear rates
Low total life cycle cost
Smooth operation
High efficiency (higher than conventional pumps)
Prefabricated parts with or without steel liner

B. Applications

Flood control systems
Water diversion
Seawater intake
Dry dock dewatering
Large scale cooling water systems
High flow water intake systems
High flow transfer systems

C. Operating data

Capacity* : up to 105000 m3/h
Head* : up to 35 m
Speed* : 100 - 300 rpm
Temperature* : 50 °C max

* For operating data outside the above values, please contact DP Pumps.

D. Technical Notes

• Round, trapezoid, or rounded rectangle type of volute
• Cast-in casing, Prefabricated concrete parts casing, Steel liner prefabricated parts, or Prefabricated concrete with steel liner casing
• Semi-open or closed type impellers
• Use of guide vanes for reducing the radial thrust and the flow velocity with simultaneous increase of the efficiency
• Expertised design of the suction box with use of hydrodynamic entry cone and optional use of steel liner

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