INVERTER (VFD) Duty Booster Systems - Type BV

 General Description

The basic theory of operation ,for the booster systems operating with INVERTER , is a common  one with the usual booster systems. The diifference of the operation is that it is driven by a variable frequency driver (INVERTER) placed in a control panel or mounted on the electric motor  of each pump unit.  Control is achieved by pressure sensors with a steady state  of the system pressure up to 0,1 bar.  


  • Decrease of operation cost
  • Steady - state operation of water supply
  • No Hydraulic  strokes
  • Low noise operation
  • Long - Life pump operation

General Characteristics

  • Single or multistage pumps
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Total head of 30 m ~ 250 m
  • Materials of construction: Cast iron or Stainless steel
  • Sealing with mechanical seal
  • Single stage electric motor  ( 230 V / 50 Hz)  up to 1,5 kW
  • Three phase electric motor ( 400V/440 - 50Hz/60Hz)
  • Pressure vessel size uppon aplication
  • Common collectors suction -  discharge of calculated diameter 
  • Cast Iron or Stainless Steel Collectors


BL systems achieve steady state operation at installation where water supply has large variations: 

  • Tourist installations
  • Industrial production
  • Agriculture e.t.c.

Booster & Fire fighting - Projects


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